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Object Icontest

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This is an icontest community dedicated to objects. All kinds of objects.


+ You must be a member of the community to enter in a challenge.
+ Anyone may vote in any challenge. You do not need to be a member of the community to vote.
+ Please ask for permission from the icon maker before using any of the icons posted here.


+ All icons must meet LJ standards of 100x100 pixels and not more than 40kb in size.
+ Please use only the images posted in the challenge unless otherwise stated.
+ There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place winner as well as a winner for Best Cropping, Best Color and Mod's Choice for each challenge.
+ No animation. This is a stillness community.
+ All icons must be original...including cropping. Do not use other people's bases.
+ Please do not submit bases to challenges.
+ Please do not enter old icons or your submission will be disqualified.
+ Please do not post your icons anywhere until voting is over and the winners have been announced or your icons will be disqualified.
+ Upload your icons to Photobucket or some place that allows direct linking.
+ You may make changes to your icons as many times as you like up until the due date and time posted for the challenge.
+ If you make changes to your icons, please either edit your original entry or delete it and post a new entry. The icons you want to enter should be the only ones submitted to the challenge entry.
+ Icons are due every other Thursday evenings at 9:00PM CST, unless otherwise stated. As long as you get your icon submitted before voting goes up they will be accepted. Once voting is posted it is too late of course.
+ Post your icons in a comment to the challenge entry.


+ Voting will be in poll form
+ Voting will last three days.
+ Please vote correctly or your vote will not count.
+ Please do not vote for black and white icons in the "Best Color" special category.
+ You may not vote for yourself.
+ You may invite your friends over to vote, but do not tell them which icons are yours. This is not a popularity contest. Telling your friends which icons are yours is considered cheating.
+ If 3 or more icons tie in a challenge there will be tie breaker voting.
+ If your icons are involved in tie breaker voting you do not need to vote.
+ The more people that vote the merrier.


+ Icon challenges are posted on Friday and will last two weeks.
+ Voting is posted on Thursday and will last three days
+ If Tie Breaker voting is needed it will last one day.


To request affiliation and see a list of affiliates please go to the Affiliates Entry

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If you have any suggestions for challenges or have a question or problem please leave a comment at the Talk To Me entry

Moderaters endlessdeep, lavanille, untapdtreasure and willow_lives

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